As a certified secular ceremony officiant, I am the conductor of the success of your ceremony.
As a professional of the ceremony, I will undoubtedly bring extra value to the quality of the text and the celebration on your wedding day.

A Secular Ceremony Designed Only for You

The secular ceremony, or commitment ceremony, gives each couple the freedom to make the wedding ceremony they want.

With the same romantic and spiritual dimension as in church or on the contrary, funny or pop.

You can choose every parameter of your ceremony: the surroundings, the music, whether religious or not, and also if you wish guest speakers, rituals, etc. Solemnity or a touch of madness, for you to choose.

Each couple is free to create a ceremony that looks just like them; and there is not one secular ceremony, but as many as there are couples. No one looks like the other, every secular ceremony is unique.

A symbolic commitment ceremony, an LGBT ceremony, a second marriage ceremony, a vows renewal, a secular baptism, an elopement,... so many occasions that demand the expertise of a professional wedding officiant to guarantee the success of the celebration of your love.

That is why, the preparation phase of the secular ceremony with your officiant is very important. It is it that will allow me to get to know you through personalized interviews but also playful quizzes, which will be an opportunity for you to remember the many reasons that led you to say YES.

The Perfect Secular Ceremony
will be the One that Looks Just Like You

A Benevolent Preparation

We will discuss together the highlights of your ceremony, the tone and atmosphere that you want to give to this moment which is yours.

Your guests can become actors participating in the ceremony. This is why we will talk together about the people who can share their love for you in front of everybody.
Rest assured ! I will help them prepare their speech and feel comfartable while sharing this moment of joy.

And it is always with kindness that I will harmonize it all, without revealing everything to you so that this ceremony is also a moment of surprise and emotion for you.

All my Expertise at your Service

As a Professional Secular Ceremony Officiant, I will put all my experience and expertise into preparing the perfect ceremony for you.

We will work together as much as necessary so that each minute is perfectly orchestrated and staged: rhythm, duration, highlights, recovery time, time of emotion and sharing.
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During the entire preparation of your ceremony, I will be there to accompany you to shape your dream, guide you in the choice of texts and music.

As a relationship sophrologist, it is very important to me that this moment of preparation is a moment of serenity and pleasure for you and that you are ready to pick every pearl of love of this magical day.

In order for you to have a quality celebration, I will create quality content for your secular ceremony.

As an experienced professional, I will not fail to guide you down through the smallest details of your secular ceremony.
It is indeed very important to pay particular attention to the layout of the place, the installation of the guests and their well-being, the sound system, placement of the couple and the various guest speakers.

The list is long, but these practical, logistical and scenographic points, prepared beforehand are the pledge of a symbolic ceremony up to your expectations.

Even secular, the ceremony celebrates the union of a couple, i.e. the change of status from single life to married life and an important life stage. And in this context, the rite has its place because the symbolic ritual is primarily a question of meaning.

During your secular ceremony, the important thing is that your rituals correspond to you and let you to express your feelings and commitment with accuracy.You can choose a classical ritual of union or a more original one, but also opt for a collective ritual involving all guests or for instance only your children.

Since the dawn of time, rites of passage come with songs. Indeed, singing will help to rhythm your secular ceremony, to accompany you in important moments and bring more solemnity, light, joy and love.

Together we will choose which style you like: opera, gospel, pop or movie songs.
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