How to enchant your guests during your secular ceremony

You will soon get married and you want your secular ceremony to be an unforgettable success ?
Find out how Eric will put his expertise and benevolence to make your dream a reality.

As a Certified Secular Ceremony Officiant Eric offers to help you celebrate your love in organizing a unique ceremony, which will be in your image and respect in all points your choices and your intentions.

Spokesperson for your love, he invites you to create a party in your image by giving your loved ones a place at your side and to tell your story with authenticity, sincerity and humor.

You can not or do not want to get married at church, but you want to live a true romantic wedding ceremony full of joy and emotion?

Dreaming of a magical break out of time to celebrate your love and union in the eyes of the people who matter most in your life?
If it is your heart to share with your loved ones a magical moment of joy and emotion during your union ceremony, you are at the right place because the secular ceremony as we conceive it will let you enchant your guests.

Here is how we shall make your Ceremony a Remembrance for Life.

Speaking for your Love, Eric offers to create a celebration in your own image by giving your dearest ones a place by your side and tell your story with authenticity, sincerity and humor.

Knowing that singing mixed with speaking raises the message far beyond words, your ceremony officiant will celebrate your union with his spoken and sung voice.

Indeed, our secular ceremony officiant is also a classical, pop and gospel singer and he will adapt to the style of your commitment ceremony.

Speaking and singing with the same voice to bring naturally to your ceremony all the emotion, the love, the joy and the light that you want, that's what your Officiant Singer Eric naturally offers to you.

If singing does not seem to match the spirit of your ceremony, Eric will listen to you carefully to design with you the ceremony that looks just like you. Relatives saying a few words about your love and couple, a symbolic ritual to seal your union, everything is possible.

How to get married easily in a dream destination

Do you dream of marrying in a foreign country? On the place where your dear and tender love made his proposal or, for example, on a magnificent beach?

It is not an impossible dream, quite the contrary...
Getting Married in a dream destination has never been easier.

Do you live in a foreign country and dream of getting married in France?

Marriage "à la française" is very trendy and has many advantages. Rich in symbols and very glamorous, the French touch will remain forever engraved in your heart.

Feel free to tell us about your dream.

With our team composed of the best professionals also speaking English and Spanish, getting married in the place of your dreams becomes easy.

We take care of everything for you, from the ceremony to the honeymoon, including the hotel and the reception, to make you live a wedding worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales.

Renew your Vows
to Remind him that you still Love him

Would you like to remind your spouse that he or she has remained the Love of your life?

Looking for a romantic way to confirm your commitment, your feelings and your will to make life together continue successfully?

Why not do it in front of all your loved ones in a symbolic ceremony that is both moving and joyful?

You can do it during a wedding anniversary, on the occasion of a meal with family and friends. With our certified secular ceremony officiant, you will be able to organize a moment of unforgettable emotion.

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  • Exclusive secular wedding ceremony, creative et entirely personalized
  • General liability insurance EUR 8.5 million
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  • Member of American Marriage Ministries

We commit ourselves fully to enchant your guests and to make your ceremony the memory of a lifetime.