As a certified secular ceremony officiant, I am the conductor of the success of your ceremony.
As a professional of the ceremony, I will bring a extra value to the quality of the text and the celebration on your wedding-day.

Your Ceremony Prepared and Celebrated by a Professional Officiant

Because the secular ceremony is a personal choice, I propose to turn it into a unique moment in your image .

So that your ceremony is truly a reflection of your Love and it remains engraved forever in every guest's memory, we will relive together the highlights of your first meeting, the story of your love.

Then we will build the structure with all the elements of your ceremony.

Invite Joy and Emotion to your Wedding

Your officiant will get to know you

During the first interview :

  • Presentation of your couple (story of your first meeting, of the proposal,…)
  • We'll define the time and place of your ceremony
  • the choice of the tone and theme
  • the decoration
  • we'll imagine the staging
  • you'll decide who will say a few words about you and your couple
  • will you exchange rings ?
  • shall we conceive a special ritual ?

... but also...

I will send you joyful questionnaires to refine your project and we'll have as many exchanges as necessary throughout the preparation phase.

The different actors of your ceremony

Throughout the preparation, I'll be in direct contact with all the people taking part in your ceremony.

GUESTS' SPEECHES : I'll get into contact with the people who will make a speech : by phone, then email and text.

DJ : I'll contact the DJ, if he provides the sound-system for the ceremony.

PRINTER : I'll have your ceremony programs printed, if you wish me to.

DECORATOR : I will work with her on the decoration of the venue of your ceremony .

WEDDING-PLANNER : I'll work in collaboration with your wedding-planner, if you have one.

This form will allow us to send you a personalized, clear quote.

The officiant will be the guarantor of the success of your ceremony

I will buid the sound-track of your ceremony and will send it to you for approval.
I will write entirely your ceremony taking into account speeches, music, rituals...
I will supply the reading-stand according to your decoration.

On your wedding-day, I will direct and orchestrate your ceremony :

  • I WILL WELCOME your guests and explain what’s coming next
  • I WILL WELCOME the procession
  • I WILL WELCOME the guest speakers
  • I WILL TELL the story of your couple and CELEBRATE your union
  • I will pronounce you UNITED IN THE BONDS OF MARRIAGE
  • will take care of the accessories for the RECESSIONAL (rice, petals,…)


  • - as soon as I receive the pictures, I will make the ALBUM OF YOUR CEREMONY composed of all the texts and speeches illustrated by photos of the key moments

  • - also singer of gospel, opera and pop, I will be able to perform songs that you like


All my Expertise at your Service

In order for you to have a quality celebration, I will create quality content for your secular ceremony.

As an experienced professional, I will not fail to guide you down through the smallest details of your secular ceremony.
It is indeed very important to pay particular attention to the layout of the place, the installation of the guests and their well-being, the sound system, placement of the couple and the various guest speakers.

The list is long, but these practical, logistical and scenographic points, prepared beforehand are the pledge of a symbolic ceremony up to your expectations.

Even secular, the ceremony celebrates the union of a couple, i.e. the change of status from single life to married life and an important life stage. And in this context, the rite has its place because the symbolic ritual is primarily a question of meaning.

During your secular ceremony, the important thing is that your rituals correspond to you and let you to express your feelings and commitment with accuracy.You can choose a classical ritual of union or a more original one, but also opt for a collective ritual involving all guests or for instance only your children. Here are examples of the most successful rituals...

Since the dawn of time, rites of passage come with songs. Indeed, singing will help to rhythm your secular ceremony, to accompany you in important moments and bring more solemnity, light, joy and love.

Together we will choose which style you like: opera, gospel, pop or movie songs. My repertoire...